Product Features

Agile Analytics is an end-to-end, no-code platform that integrates all the functions of a typical data analytics stack into one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

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Easy access to key data is the number one reason hindering wide spread success of utility data analytics. Out-of-the box connectors to PI, SCADA, ISO/RTO, EIA, Vendor API, Files,  Databases and Data lakes enable you to  easily access your most important data with one click and without writing any code. 

Data Virtualization

Virtualized data views allow users one-click access to data without having to store data. This means that users can query ISO/RTO, PI, SCADA or other data directly.


Rich Data Visualization functionality enables users to create application like dashboards with filter, drill-down, and other advanced capabilities.

Machine Learning

Super charge your utility data analytics with simplified Machine learning. Create prediction, anomaly, or classification machine learning solutions with a few clicks and integrate them into dashboards or applications.

Data Discovery

Instantly connect to 3000+ API’s & Internal Data Sources Instead of relying on time consuming manual effort to connect you to the data you need for your business intelligence solutions. 


Over 500+ No-code transformations that scale easily for big data.

Real Time Analytics

Agile Analytics enables real-time analytics with the ability to connect to as well as send and display streaming data.

Data Lake

Connect to your own data lake and read/write data or Create your own data lake using our system. Our Solution also auto catalogs files allowing them to be a queried as a table.



Integrates the entire data analytics process to allow for collbaration across multiple teams.


Security and Governance

The system was built with data security in governance in mind.  The key features below ensure that Agile is one of the most secure data analytics software solutions on the market.