Why Agile Analytics?

Agile Analytics is an end-to-end, no-code utility business intelligence platform that integrates all the functions of multiple data analytics tools into one integrated, easy-to-use solution specialized for utility data analytics.

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Product Summary

Agile Analytics is a unified low-code, no-code platform to help create utility data analytics solutions easily and quickly. Obtain data from any source, including PI, SCADA, ISO/RTO, Vendor, Database, or Data lake with a few clicks. Transform or Manipulate the data visually and then store or use it directly and layer or any Machine Learning if required. End with building application like visualizations in our tool or expose as an API and use data in your internal applications or tools such as PowerBI.

On Click Access to Data

Universal Data Access

Users can connect to any data , from any source (internal or external) with one click. Connect to PI, SCADA, ISO/RTO, EIA, and database/data lakes with one click. A Google-like search can find anything in your data universe with full Data Governance.

Machine Learning

Process, Train and deploy various ML models with a few clicks. Go from zero to an operationalized model within a day. Build utility data analytics and business intelligence solutions in hours with simplified Machine Learning.

On Click Access to Data

Automation / Workflow


Perform the same process workflow tasks as code/applications without any actual coding. Build comprehensive utility data analytics solutions that can obtain data, process/transform it,  store it (optional), run machine learning and visualize the output all in one simple solution.


Create rich, interactive visualizations using our utility dashboard builder or use your own preferred platform such as PowerBI (our solution can obtain and process data and expose final dataset as an API with one click so external tools can also be used for visualization if desired). 

Dashboard / Application Builder