Comprehensive Outage Management Software

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PowerManager: Comprehensive Outage Management Software

PowerManager allows companies to manage their entire real-time (forced), planned, and maintenance outage process. Automated notification and workflow between plants, ISO and dispatch/Central desk automates, manages, and streamlines all the workflow, tasks, and notifications to ensure efficiency and compliance . Our system integrates with every ISO/RTO in the US and Canada and one system can also be used for multiple ISO/RTO.

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Outage Management System (OMS): PowerManager

PowerManager reduces manual work by 60% by automating work flows, outages, limits,logs, and parameters. The system automates limit and ISO-required parameter calculation and submissions and also integrates with internal systems such as bid/offer systems and provides them with the most updated limits base on outages.

PowerManager combines all plant outage events, dispatch instructions, event logs, unit capabilities, limits/ambient conditions, and reporting into one unified, simplified solution.

PowerManager improves outage response and communication and transparency between groups. The results in improved outage response, reduction in errors, and improved compliance .

PowerManager's Role in GADS Outage Reporting

GADS Outage reporting is a critical aspect of outage management. According to NERC’s Generating Availability Data System (GADS), power generation companies must report outage data for statistical analysis and reliability assessment.

Power Manager assists your GADS Outage Process by streamlining GADS reporting with the ability to create preliminary GADS events from Real-time events submitted to the ISO.

The Power of Now: Real-Time Outage Management

Effective Real-Time Outage Management is pivotal to minimizing the impact of an outage. With PowerManager, the system automatically recognizes when an outage or AVR/PSS event is occurring through PI/SCADA integration and automatically creates an accurate ticket with all the of the key ISO information for operators to review and submit with only one click. The system can also be configured to auto-submit tickets without user approval.

After tickets are created, related workflows are kicked off to ensure operators perform and log any manual processes such as calling the ISO. Any automated tasks are also performed as part of the workflow.

PowerManager also continually calculates updated current limits and forecasts future limits based on outages as well as ambients conditions.

Benefits of Outage Management Software

Benefits of Outage Management Software


NERC GADS data is submitted through the GADS Open Source software or third party apps like PowerGADS. It includes operational statistics, event data, and derived statistics, following NERC’s defined formats and protocols.

NERC GADS provides comprehensive operational data that helps identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This information aids in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the power grid.

NERC GADS data allows companies to analyze performance and availability of equipment, identify patterns, and predict future performance. This helps in optimizing maintenance schedules, thereby improving operational efficiency
Non-compliance with NERC GADS can result in penalties, including fines. It also risks operational inefficiencies due to a lack of valuable performance data analysis.

NERC provides detailed guidelines outlining the methods for data collection, the formats for data submission, the types of events to report, and how to conduct data audits. It ensures the data’s accuracy and consistency.