Commercial Availability

Commercial Availability

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Commercial Availability

PowerGADS is a versatile, web-based tool tailored for energy providers. It offers efficient collection and validation of generation data from various sources via NERC Level 1 and Level 2 diagnostics. The data is utilized for various internal reporting and compliance needs, like the Station Performance and Generating Outage Rate Program.

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Margin Analyzer

Integ’s Margin Analyzer examines the relationship between actual margin and lost margin due to outages and derates. By examining the heat curves, the incremental cost curves, and the hourly LMP or system Lambda tied to each specific unit, the system shows the true economic impact of each outage or derate. Margin Analyzer shows how much margin the unit could have made by simulating a generation pattern if the event was avoided.




NERC GADS data is submitted through the GADS Open Source software or third party apps like PowerGADS. It includes operational statistics, event data, and derived statistics, following NERC’s defined formats and protocols.

NERC GADS provides comprehensive operational data that helps identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This information aids in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the power grid.

NERC GADS data allows companies to analyze performance and availability of equipment, identify patterns, and predict future performance. This helps in optimizing maintenance schedules, thereby improving operational efficiency
Non-compliance with NERC GADS can result in penalties, including fines. It also risks operational inefficiencies due to a lack of valuable performance data analysis.

NERC provides detailed guidelines outlining the methods for data collection, the formats for data submission, the types of events to report, and how to conduct data audits. It ensures the data’s accuracy and consistency.