Real-time P&L

Shadow Settlement

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Real-time P&L / Shadow Settlement

PowerP&L is designed to deliver vital operational and financial information continuously from the day-ahead and near real-time perspective to the final ISO-settlement perspective;  interface data is collected as soon as it becomes available and are calculations are updated continuously as the data quality improves.

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PowerP&L provides data in four perspectives

  • Day-Ahead shadow settlement data 
  • Real-Time shadow settlement data ( updated every five-minutes )
  • Day-After shadow settlement data
  • Final Settlement/Bill Module


Data is updated as frequently as every five minutes and includes day-ahead and real-time LMP, energy and ancillary service revenues, costs and margins. Estimated Operating Reserves and Credits as well as performance measures such as lost opportunity revenues are also calculated.

This provides a powerful tool for real-time analysis and decision making as well as a tool for review of historical data. The tool also provides lost profit analysis for each hour due to various reasons such as inability to follow dispatch, outages, etc. The key goal is to understand periods where profit is not maximized, so that companies can best evaluate internal processes to capture lost margin and maximize profits.

All of the financial data analysis using known and forecast market data, internal data, and costs are rolled up along with the shadow Profit and Loss and presented real-time. Along with our core metrics, the system is designed to allow addition of client specific metrics that are critical to each unit or fleet.



NERC GADS data is submitted through the GADS Open Source software or third party apps like PowerGADS. It includes operational statistics, event data, and derived statistics, following NERC’s defined formats and protocols.

NERC GADS provides comprehensive operational data that helps identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This information aids in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the power grid.

NERC GADS data allows companies to analyze performance and availability of equipment, identify patterns, and predict future performance. This helps in optimizing maintenance schedules, thereby improving operational efficiency
Non-compliance with NERC GADS can result in penalties, including fines. It also risks operational inefficiencies due to a lack of valuable performance data analysis.

NERC provides detailed guidelines outlining the methods for data collection, the formats for data submission, the types of events to report, and how to conduct data audits. It ensures the data’s accuracy and consistency.