NERC Reliability Standards Automation Software

No More Manual GADS Reporting

Simplify GADS ticket creation NERC reporting by leveraging AI in your workflows.

Who is PowerGADS For?

Your Data Collection is Manual and Time-Consuming

PowerGADS automates most of your event and performance data collection. Plants or Central Administrators only need to review the created events and performance data and assign or review the cause code. This eliminates hours of tedious, error-prone tasks and manual data entry resulting in less risk and more accurate data.

Your Reporting Processes Are Scattered Across Systems

Typically clients will have multiple groups reporting using GADS data in multiple systems as well as Excel. However, these reports are scattered and they often do their own calculations which may be incorrect. PowerGADS consolidates this by providing users the ability to configure any reports or dashboards as well as custom calculations in one system that can also be shared in PowerBI as well Excel.

You are building KPI/Goal Tracking and other ancillary solutions in Excel

**KPI/Goal Tracking** - Actual vs. forecast KPI tracking is available out of the box with a few clicks in PowerGADS. This ensures all users have a reliable set of metrics that are always up-to-date.
**Predictive Maintenance** - The system allows users to input maintenance inspections and can forecast the next maintenance based on run hours and penalize for starts and other adverse conditions.
**Financial Cost of an Outage** - The system utilizes a simulated dispatch to accurately calculate the lost opportunity revenue as as well as profits.

You Face Delays in Data Analysis

Decision making is hindered due to delays in generating performance reports. PowerGADS streamlines decision processes and improves response times ensuring real-time data reporting and analysis.

NERC Standards Automation Platform for Renewables

  • Supports all unit types including Fossil, Hydro, Solar, Wind, and Battery

  • Automates PI/SCADA data

  • KPI Dashboards for plant, fleet, or plant group Goal/Incentive tracking

  • Automated creation of performance records. Users simply need to review and verify data.

  • Predictive Maintenance module utilizes GADS and other data to accurately predict next maintenance interval


Move to a fully automated GADS solution within a few days.

Automate and

Automation and workflow are used to reduce errors by up to 99% and reduce manual time by 60%. This allows personnel to focus on what matters most.


Get the insights that matter most from your traditional, solar, and wind GADS data.

NERC Automation for Renewables and Fossil

Obtain performance metrics and Report on the entire fleet, not just a subset.




Hydro / Others

Automate NERC Event Reporting​

Automation is the only way to be fully accurate and compliant with NERC requirements. PowerGADS is the only system to fully and accurately automate GADS for renewables. 

PowerGADS is the only system to fully and accurately automate GADS for renewables.

Improve Operations with KPI Reporting

Configurable KPI Dashoards/ Reports
Select & Report on Key Metrics
Calculate Forecasted Metrics
Actual vs Goal

Data Insights and Analytics to make decisions

Out of the box insights

Over 50 reports and dashboards provide insights into trends and identify units/components with the most issues.

Create your own analytics/insights

Easily utilize GADS data to create your own dashboards. Combine with other data sources for even more powerful tools to drive decision making.

Out of the box Machine Learning

The new platform allows Integ or clients to create machine learning solutions around any data, including GADS, within days.

Powerful Reporting Options

Static Reports
Ad-Hoc Reports
Analytics Dashboard

PowerGADS for NERC GADS Reporting

PowerGADS is the top GADS software in the USA and Canada and is used by 80% of the largest utilities as well as nearly every ISO in the country.

Why PowerGADS?

PowerGADS uses proprietary software that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automation to help utility companies run their assets more optimally and efficiently.

Product Features

The most accurate/trusted system on the market
* Graphical reports and dashboards simplify user interaction
* Ability to configure based on company preferences
* Extended functionality to allow for KPI Reporting, lost opportunity/true economic cost of outage.

Product Summary

PowerGADS automates power plant performance data collection and reporting, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and NERC compliance.