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Meter Data Verification

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Meter Data Verification

PowerTRACKER provides a complete set of tools to manage all the financial transactions between the market participant and the RTO. These tools include financial accounting checkout, invoice creation and tracking facilities, meter data verification, invoice dispute management and ISO bill verification. Standard and custom reports are available for analysis and company-wide distribution of settlement and bill information.

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Energy Accounting and Billing System.


PowerTRACKER provides a complete set of tools to manage all the financial transactions between the market participant and the RTO. These tools includes:

  • Meter Data Verification: 5-minute, Daily, Hourly verification of all meter data sent to ISO or for internal settlement use
  • ISO Bill Verification: Calculates settlement using Internal data and then verifies against ISO to find discrepancies in billing/settlement.


PowerTracker allows utilities the ability to verify meter data daily before submission to ISO as well as verifying the ISO/RTO settlement bill.

Meter Verification: The system obtains data from multiple sources and compares data against each other with rankings based on source quality to verify the data. Additional items such as high/low limits and the ability to create calculated sources simplifies verification functionality. AI/ML is used to automate the verification and find problems within data before submittal. PowerTRACKER’s meter verification process performs the verification and submits correct data to the ISO.

ISO Bill Verification: This module is used to to verify the bill sent by the ISO against the internal data.

Shadow Settlement: Allows clients to view and understand the financial exposure of the company based on its operations within the ISO market on a real-time basis. This allows for management reporting of various financial metrics such as cash flow and profit and loss to be viewed after each hour of operations to allow for better financial management and maximization of profits. Ease of customization: Integ recognizes that each client’s processes, data flows, and systems are unique. PowerTRACKER is a flexible, customizable system that will ensure that the system fits your current processes and not the other way around. Corporations do not often realize or compute the switching costs from changing processes to meet the requirements of inflexible software. What-If Analysis:

PowerTRACKER enables the users to employ historical data to create scenarios to forecast P&L and detailed credits and charges. Integration with ISO systems: PowerTRACKER allows reporting of every data point across all the ISOs. This allows users to analyze data using different view and metrics.



NERC GADS data is submitted through the GADS Open Source software or third party apps like PowerGADS. It includes operational statistics, event data, and derived statistics, following NERC’s defined formats and protocols.

NERC GADS provides comprehensive operational data that helps identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This information aids in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the power grid.

NERC GADS data allows companies to analyze performance and availability of equipment, identify patterns, and predict future performance. This helps in optimizing maintenance schedules, thereby improving operational efficiency
Non-compliance with NERC GADS can result in penalties, including fines. It also risks operational inefficiencies due to a lack of valuable performance data analysis.

NERC provides detailed guidelines outlining the methods for data collection, the formats for data submission, the types of events to report, and how to conduct data audits. It ensures the data’s accuracy and consistency.