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Power Suite is a set of integrative, customizable solutions to help utilities manage generation assets in any North American market, all from one seamless and easy to use system.

Our unique platform lets you pick and choose what solutions best meet your business needs and then easily add on solutions as your business evolves. Data between systems syncs seamlessly so that data entered once flows through the system, greatly minimizing effort and errors.


Our best seller is Power GADS, that helps hundreds of companies and ISO’s easily manage reliability data. We also provide web-enabled enterprise solutions for energy bidding, dispatch, scheduling and settlement.

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All in one solution

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PowerGADS is now updated to handle all types of units – including Fossil, Hydro, Solar, and Wind. The system automatically connects to your PI/SCADA data or any other interface and fully automates creation of event data. Performance data is also auto-created. Click here to learn more.


PowerGADS automates event and performance record creation and provides over 50+ reports and dashboards for detailed analytics.

Commercial Availability

Integ’s Margin Analyzer examines the relationship between actual margin and lost margin due to outages and derates.

Real-Time Profit & Loss & Operational Performance

PowerP&L is designed to deliver real-time as well as after-the-fact P&L and shadow settlement.

Plant Dispatch, Communication & Control

PowerManager allows companies to manage their entire real-time time (forced), planned, and maintenance outage process. Our system integrates with every ISO/RTO in the US and Canada.

Cost Development

PowerSpark is a market dependent generation cost development system. PowerSpark estimates a unit’s substantive energy production cost for marked bidding and unit dispatch based.

Market Bidding & Real Time P&L

PowerBroker is a flexible and comprehensive web-based front office trading system, integrating financial and physical trading with all RTO/ISO markets.

Generation & Ancillary Planning Tool

PowerSym is a tool for forecasting short-term and intermediate-term outcomes for electric generation wholesale suppliers. The simulated dispatch can be used for a variety for functions.

Load Forecasting

PowerForecaster is a statistical tool, employing weather data and historical actual load data as input to generate load forecasts on a day-ahead and hourly basis and present the results to the RTOs for each service territory.


Integ Enterprise Consulting offers PowerSuite to help anyone managing generating assets, including traditional electric utilities, O&M providers, and ISO’s. Our most popular product is PowerGADS

Product Summary

Companies can become truly agile by using over 50+ out of the box solutions or creations your own advanced analytics or AI/ML solutions within hours or days.

Product Features

Specialized utility connectors for PI, vendor, and internal data allow you to connect to any source. Join, Transform, move and perform AI/ML on data and automate. Build application-like Dashboards.

Use Cases

Any use case is possible ranging from predictive maintenance, asset management, forecasting, and anomaly detection.

Our Services

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In addition to our product offerings, Integ provides a vast array of unparalleled services to meet your needs. Our consulting services potently combine the latest technologies and methodologies with in-depth energy business expertise.

The result is a broad range of competencies covering all aspects of the full development life cycle, which are completely aligned with our clients’ organizational strategies. Below are the services provided by Integ.


Best Approach

Industry Experts

All of our solutions can be installed on our cloud, your cloud, or on-premises.

Require assistance? Integ is here to provide solutions to your IT queries and can also assist with the installation of Oracle on your servers.

Cloud and Enterprise Installed Applications

State of the art cloud computing gives companies a fully customizable set of solutions that can be accessed from almost any device. Companies can unify processes within a fleet that extends over a large geographic region, greatly increase accuracy, and communicate effectively. Click here to learn more.