Automate ISO/RTO Real-Time Ticket Creation

Automate ISO submission requirements by creating Real-Time tickets and calculating limits using PI/SCADA data. Save hundreds of man-hours annually and reduce errors.

Features Used


Machine Learning

Data Connect

ISO/PI/SCADA connection


Process Data/Alert


Key Benefits РAutomate key manual processes 

  • Automate a key 24/7 real-time outage ticket management and reduce errors
  • Use PI/SCADA data to automate the process and send data to the ISO or let users review before sending
  • Automate other ISO submission or daily activities
  • Real-world use cases

  • Real-Time Ticket Management
  • Automate Limit Creation and submission
  • Automate entire GADS ticket creation process
  • Automate other ISO submission requirements



Steps and Key Features Used