Easily access PI/SCADA data for on-going data and analytics needs. Data can be joined with other sources, transformed, saved into a data pond (mini data-lake) or other sources.

Features Used

Data Connect

Connect to PI/SCADA


Data Pipeline

Data Wranger

Data Transformation


Key Benefits – Easily Access PI/SCADA data

  • Users  can access and query PI/SCADA data with no code
  • Join data with other sources, transform, and save final prepared data for dashboard or other use.
  • For daily operations, automations can be used to schedule retrieval and processing logic.
  • Simplify access for one server or multi PI/SCADA server environments

Real-world use cases

  • Query PI/SCADA Data for Excel
  • PI/SCADA Data Pipeline
  • Query PI/SCADA Data interface for applications


Steps and Key Features Used