Machine Learning (Wind Prediction) in 3 easy steps

Use weather to predict Wind Turbine Output. Data can be visualized on a dashboard or can be used by automation or other applications to take further actions. Estimated Time to create entire use case: 5-10 hours.

Features Used

AI/ML Module

Perform Machine Learning

Data Wranger

Transform/Clean Data


Visualize Data


Key Benefits – Create Machine Learning solutions in days with No Code.

  • Users  can create Machine learning solutions  within  a day  (instead of months) with no code
  • Update/ Tweak as needed easily until you are happy with the results and move on to operationalize it.
  • To operationalize,  we created an automation to get tomorrow’s weather data, send it to the ML model we created, then created a dashboard to visualize it all.

Real-world use cases


  • Wind/Solar Output
  • LMP
  • P&L/Settlement
  • Other

Anomaly Detection

  • Find bad data and alert
  • Use as check for automations


Steps and Key Features Used