Outage Management Software

Reduce Outage Management Manual Time by 60%

Simplify forced outage notification and automate dispatch with PowerManager for Solar, Wind, and Fossil Fuel Generators.

Automating Workflow Processes

Automate all parts of the outage process with PowerManager

  • Automate ISO Real-Time Outages
  • Limit Calculations Generated by Machine Learning
  • Streamlined Plant Communications
  • Robust Built-in OMS Analytics Dashboard
Supports all ISO

PowerManager connects to any ISO/RTO for Real-time outage management.

Automate and Simplify

Automation and workflow are used to reduce errors by up to 99% and reduce manual time by 60%. This allows personnel to focus on operations


The system offers over 50+ reports and dashboards out of the box or create your own.

Revolutionizing Generation Management

Manage your generating assets better  automate using machine learning with PowerSuite.

End-to-End Outage Management

Empowering utilities with comprehensive, affordable, and intelligent generation management solutions.

Financial Forecasting & Reporting

Promoting responsible and sustainable practices in generation management solutions.

Generation Data Quality & Planning

Flexible generation management solutions empowering adaptability and operational efficiency

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PowerManager - Outage Management Solution

Crafted by Integ Consulting, PowerManager integrates all plant-related outage events and activities, dispatch instructions, event logs, unit capabilities, limits/ambient conditions, and reporting into one comprehensive solution.

Product Summary

Companies can become truly agile by using over 50+ out of the box solutions or creations your own advanced analytics or AI/ML solutions within hours or days.

Product Features

Specialized utility connectors for PI, vendor, and internal data allow you to connect to any source. Join, Transform, move and perform AI/ML on data and automate. Build application-like Dashboards.

Use Cases

Any use case is possible ranging from predictive maintenance, asset management, forecasting, and anomaly detection.

Who is PowerManager For?

Your Day Ahead, Real-Time , and Central Coordinators are on separate platforms

You can't keep wrangling people for their next task. You need to keep your teams on track with automated workflow management.

Your workflow streamlines are fragmented across platforms

You have better things to do than manually pulling data into systems, and cleaning it before submssion

You don't automatically detect and send alerts for compliance events and workflows

Good SOPs need to be followed step-by-step, and you don't have the time to hold everyone's hand.

Your system does not automatically create morning reports​

Manual reports shouldn't take so much work to create. You don't need to be spending 90% of your calculating and sending limits

Your system does not auto-detect and create/end outages

System auto detects outages and creates an entire workflow, beginning with a verification of the changes. Tickets are the then automatically created and can be updated and submitted to the ISO. Key changes are automatically logged, reducing plant logging requirements.

Build reliable, streamlined workflows in days, not months.

  • Get more efficient day-ahead and real-time ops

  • Reduce plant logging time & errors

  • Automate ISO/RTO Reporting workflows

How PowerManager Helps

Streamline Real-Time Outage Management and Coordination

Workflow and approval processes enables coordination between stakeholder teams resulting in more efficient operations and lower risk. Task Manager functionality automatically tells each stakeholder what action they need to take next.

Automate Morning & Plan of Day Reports

Streamlines the entire morning report process resulting in an 80% reduction in manual work and significant reduction in errors . Morning Reports are auto-populated based on system conditions and can be manually overridden/updated.

Integrate ISO Submission and Compliance

PowerManager automates and simplifies ISO submission and Compliance resulting in lower risk and increased productivity. Outage, Limit, and other parameters can be automatically created and submitted using PI/SCADA data.

Integrated Plant Logging

Automated logging automatically creates plant logs for items such as outages . For other logs, the system pre-populates key information and logs can also be created manually.

Why choose PowerManager?

35 years of plant automation experience

PowerManager is built by automation experts with…

  • 100+ Plants automated
  • Decades of experience
  • $250 Million saved with BETTER workflows

Reduce cost with improved efficiency 

PowerManager is built by automation experts with…

  • 100+ Plants automated
  • Decades of experience
  • $250 Million saved with BETTER workflows

White-glove expert implementation 

We are with you every step of the way with…

  • Custom onboarding with all stakeholders
  • Recurring status & reporting calls
  • Expert consultants ready to jump in

Data Insights and Analytics to make decisions

Out of the box insights

Over 50 reports and dashboards provide insights into trends and identify units/components with the most issues.

Create your own analytics/insights

Easily utilize GADS data to create your own dashboards. Combine with other data sources for even more powerful tools to drive decision making.

Out of the box Machine Learning

The new platform allows Integ or clients to create machine learning solutions around any data, including GADS, within days.

PowerManager for Power Plants of the Future

Why PowerManager?

PowerManager uses proprietary software that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automation to help utility companies run their assets more optimally and efficiently

Refined Reporting

The most accurate/trusted system on the market Graphical reports and dashboards simplify user interaction Ability to configure based on company preferences Extended functionality to allow for KPI Reporting, lost opportunity/true economic cost of outage.

Simple Workflows

PowerManager automates power plant performance data collection and reporting, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and NERC compliance.

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